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Rise Up Chorus is on a mission!

The purpose of Rise Up Chorus is to enrich lives through musical experiences. We are an inclusive community that nurtures meaningful connections and human interaction.

Inspiring good. Changing lives. Making music.


RUC provides mentorship programs that foster community among its members and encourages music-making of the highest level, understanding that music exists in all areas of our lives.  Through participation in the Rise Up Chorus, participants will:

  • Understand that we all have value

  • Understand that WE ARE the music, not just makers of music

  • Music isn’t limited to rehearsal and performance.  Music envelops our lives and becomes who we are.

  • We use music to do good in the world

  • We use music for healing

  • We use music to serve others

  • We are a place for everyone

  • We break down barriers and do the right thing every time.

  • It’s okay to make mistakes… as long as we learn from them

  • We teach life skills through music:

    • Collaboration

    • Apprenticeship

    • Mentorship

    • Partnership

    • Friendship

    • Family

  • We celebrate unity through our diversity



Rise Up Chorus came about after a lot of soul-searching and thinking about the importance of music in our own lives. Why is music important? What is its purpose?


Rise Up Chorus was created to fill a void.

It was developed to serve a purpose.

It was constructed with love to serve others.

Music is more than just something that we "do". Music is a deep part of who we are. Music is personal, yet it is communal. It brings people together in a way that nothing else on earth can do. Yet, so many musical experiences fall short of building community. So often it's not done in a way where there is a place for everyone and all are welcome. The name "Rise Up Chorus" came from the idea of a phoenix "rising from the ashes". We reimagined the traditional community chorus or children's chorus and have developed a musical experience with a focus on our musical community.

"They say one of the distinguishing characteristics of a community is a common language. And it's often said that music is a universal language. That is certainly the case with Rise Up Chorus...It is a unique experience and one that really brings to me a sense of community and oneness with everyone around me. It's truly a privilege to be part of Rise Up Chorus." - Jeannine B.


"It's such a wonderful community. It doesn't matter whether you're a trained musician, a professional musician, somebody who barely reads music, or doesn't read at all. Everybody is valued equally and encouraged. It's so much fun on a Friday night!" - Tricia G.


"What makes the group so special is the fact that everyone feels important. Everyone feels like they have a purpose within the ensemble, and it's such a community effort." - Maddie M.


"Once I'm here, my heart is just bursting with the love of song and my fellow members of Rise Up Chorus. It's a great Friday night and our performances are even greater." - Beth M.


"The thing that really keeps me coming back and what I like the most about RUC...when I come here, it's really emotionally authentic. It's really sincere. You can really just be yourself." - Carol B.


"My favorite part of Rise Up's definitely the people. All the people involved are so friendly and nice. And now I have this whole family of people who sing together, that I feel ultra connected to." - Nancy B.


"It's really a great thing that this community chorus does. And that's the key word. Community." - Jim D.


Rise Up Chorus rehearses Friday evenings from September - June with two ensembles: a Youth Chorus (for students in grades 3-8) and an Adult Chorus (for adults and high school students). The thing that makes Rise Up Chorus so unique, besides the top-notch musical and ensemble experience is our social programming.  We run two programs: the Peer2Peer Program and the Enrichment Program.

• The Peer2Peer Program builds Community through the rehearsal process. It includes a mentorship/apprenticeship program, pairing more experienced with less experienced singers. It could also pair people with a high level of social awareness with those who may need social guidance. The pairings are endless.

• The Enrichment Program gives our Community the opportunity to try new things, musical and nonmusical.

Here's the other thing that makes Rise Up Chorus so special, and this part excites us almost more than any other part.This chorus is TUITION-FREE. We feel that this experience is way too important to make it only for those with "financial means". We are an Organization for EVERYONE. If able, we ask our families to make a donation in any amount they can to Rise Up Chorus. If they can pay the full cost to put themselves or their children through the program (or more), that's wonderful!  If a family can only pay a small portion (or nothing at all), that's totally fine, too. Since we are a recognized 501(c)3 organization, all donations to Rise Up Chorus Inc are tax deductible.

New Members Are ALWAYS Welcome!


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